Thursday, August 27, 2009

Family events & activities @ Yovia

Calling all kids and parents out there residing in the states. Here comes which brings fun and exciting events and activities for the whole members of the family. The website is offering a daily calendar of events and activities in different areas in the US. You can check out your field of interest or personal preferences and maybe consider the location of any event or activity being presented.

As a mother, I know involving my kids with different events and activities will make them know their field or fields of interest, and not only that. It helps them on their physical development and socializing will help on their mental development. It is kind of sad that we don’t have a specific site like this in the Philippines so I need to check on different websites or ask people I know. Hope there will be one soon so that families could take a time out after a week’s tiring work, schooling and chores and have great time and fun joining such activities and events.

Another thing to consider also is their widget that can give you a hefty $1,000. How? First, install the specific widget they have on their site onto your blogs, websites or social networking profile. If your account gets the most number of views among others then the $1,000 bucks is all yours. So what are you waiting for? Hurry!!! Check them out and install the widget. Time is of the essence here pals.



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