Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NTC ruled prepaid load extension

Thank you NTC and thank you very much Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile! Last July 10, NTC signed the new rules on prepaid load extension purchased by consumers. It started when the good senator realized that he lost his load overnight without using it. His provider investigated it and it came out that he subscribed for a ring tone. For the senator, that’s impossible because he even not used his cellphone for texting, only calls. Below are the details of the signed rules:

The validity of a P10-or-less load credit is valid for up to three days; up to seven days for P10-20 load; up to 10 days for P20-30 load; up to 14 days for P30-40 load; up to 17 days for P40-P50 load; 20 days for P50-60 load; up to 24 days for P60-70 load; up to 21 days for P70-80 load; up to 30 days for P80-90 load; up to 45 days for P100-150 load; up to 60 days for P150-200 load; up to 90 days for P200-300 load; up to 150 days for P300-600 load; and up to 180 days for P600 to P1,000 load.

I just hope that our government can do mitigate too on the concerns of the consuming public on petroleum products and medicines.


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