Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lemongrass Tea: Herbal remedy for cancer

Here comes another informative and interesting message I got from my inbox. The message came from a friend and she shared me this study about LEMON GRASS (TANGLAD) with powerful anti-cancer properties.

I am familiar with the plant coz I used it when I make a “chicken turbo” for the family. Somebody even told me that I can put lemon grass into “chicken tinola” instead of ginger but I haven’t tried this one so far. But I never knew that the “Lemon Grass Tea” could cause cancer cells to commit suicide, as in self-destruction. This one is truly good news for everyone, sick or not. As we say prevention is better than cure. I think I’m gonna try to make a Lemon Grass Tea for my family.

I can’t post the exact content of the email because it is quite too long but here is the similar thread from the Associated Content. Check it out. Be aware and stay healthy.


freefinally said...

interesting! should i just boil the lemon grass alone? then drink it as is?

Crissy said...

@ Free Finally:

I think we just need to cut the roots and clean the plants then boil it to have a taste of that Lemongrass tea :)

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