Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ferdinand Dimadura's Chicken A La Carte

Have you seen a short film that touches your heart and open your minds to the real world? Such a short one indeed that will make you asks yourself “Why?”

February 2006 during the 56th Berlin International Film Festival, filmmakers were invited for a short film competition with a theme of “Food, Taste and Hunger.” There were 3,600 filmmakers who submitted their entries and only 32 of them were fortunate to have their films screened at the Berlinale Talent Campus. This particular short film topped the competition after being adjudged as the “Most Popular Short Film.”

Chicken A La Carte made by a certain Ferdinand Dimadura is among the other short films reflecting the poverty and hardships of children and families around the world. It’s worth watching and best serve as an eye opener especially for Filipinos. My husband told me about this video and the family watched it yesterday night. We wanted to show to our kids how lucky they are for what they have now as compared to kids on the film. But of course as a mother and as a Filipino, that must be ended and great changes must happen.

This coming May 2010 election let change come to the Philippines. Change not only for our self and family but to the Philippines as a country. Vote for leaders we think will bring about the good and great changes to our lives and not allow leaders to come in power who are nothing but selfish and heartless ones. Vote wisely and never let happen to ask ourselves again “Why?”


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