Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eddie "Among Ed" Panlilio for president?

Eddie “Among Ed” Panlilio, a Roman Catholic priest and the incumbent governor of the province of Pampanga, confirmed his plan of running for the presidency on the May 2010 election. The late news featured his confirmation and rumor on who will be his running mate is the next in question. The present Isabela Governor Ma. Gracia Cielo “Grace” Padaca is the first name that came out. Among Ed is ready to file a dispensation before the church once he files his certificate of candidacy.

Not all members of the church who opted to give up priesthood and enter politics really succeeded religiously on their objectives. Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a priest elected to the presidency in 1990. He gave up priesthood in 1994, but was ousted from the presidency due to allegations of corruption. Fernando Lugo, who was elected president in Paraguay last year, was hounded by rumors that he had three wives and three children.

Personally, I would prefer Among Ed to hold position in Pampanga rather than to run for the presidency because we also need good and trusted politicians to rule the localities of the country. I am still hoping that he will change his mind about the issue and never listen to the people who are pushing him on something that is really far behind his capabilities.


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