Monday, June 15, 2009

Study & computer table in 1

I am a mom to 2 kids and they are both schooling too. If there is one rustic furniture I would love to have for them that would be a study & computer table in 1. But I don’t prefer the usual study table we see on the market. I would love to have a spacious table top to accommodate the computer and enough working space. On top of it are 2 rows of book shelves with sliding mirror as cover. In that way, it can be freed from dust and from falling to my kids. Lights will be installed in places to help my kids see what they are looking or doing for. Under the table top, are 2 to 3 compartments in the right corner for the materials or any little stuff plus a sliding panel for the keyboard in the left.

With this particular design, I can see my kids’ school stuff neat and in order as compared to one you see above. My dream design will be a study and computer table in one with shelves and drawers perfect to entice my kids to study. It is a design that will keep everything in order, free from dirt and a desirable study and work place.


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