Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Personal safety & self-defense

As a mom to 2 kids I am really afraid about my kids’ safety once they get loose of my sight. I can never imagine knowing or seeing my kids a victim of crimes that’s proliferating in the community. Also I fear for my husband’s safety who use to travel most of the week due to his 24/7 work not only for any road accident but also on those reported vehicle-related crimes.

I do understand that we have the police force to undertake and protect us but personally I don’t want to 100% rely on their services. Currently, our police force is undermanned considering there are only tens of thousands of them as against the million populations. Also, they are not properly funded and most of the times the stipulated funds go to corrupt officials. Now that the global financial crisis continues to explode blow by blow I’m afraid that petty and big crimes will hit the statistics due to poverty and lack of work.

Personal safety and self-defense are things we need to be equipped of for all the members of our family to fight against bad elements. We taught our kids some basic self-defense to protect themselves while at school or in their school service. At school we told them not to talk to strangers and never get out of their school gates even with a classmate. I never allowed my daughter to wear jewelries and bring any gadget at school because it might cause her trouble. As for hubby, he always locks his doors and never passes by on dark and people less streets. He has a golf club given to him by a friend in placed beside the driver’s seat. At home, we see to it that the screen doors are always lock and we never entertain walk-in sales agent to enter the gate and even inside the house.

Let us always be preventive on everything and be alert on any bad occurrence that will come our way. Remember to take care always and watch out for bad guys.


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