Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Safe & economical LASIK

I’d been wearing my eyeglasses for years now. I am nearsighted person and my eyeglasses help me see things quite far from my location. It is really hard to have a sight like this but wearing an eyeglasses add to the burden. I am not interested to wear contacts because for me it seems like I’m wearing a frameless eyeglasses and I don’t have time for the cleaning and maintaining such stuff. One day, I heard over the radio that the broadcaster underwent some sort of Lasik procedure and it was very successful. It brings back his vision, safe and clear. I got interested with it so I explored the net about this procedure. For me, that sounds very economical rather than spending money changing my frames and lenses.

Did you know that over a lifetime, a 25 year old wearing extended wear contacts will spend upwards of $20,000? Choosing modern LASIK, also known as iLASIK, invests in your vision and can save you money in the long term.

Today, when every penny counts, many Americans and other nationalities with vision care expenses are taking another look at modern LASIK. How it goes? The iLASIK procedure, combines Wavefront mapping technology with two lasers for a safe and completely tailor-made procedure. It is covered by most health savings accounts, offering a tax deductible way to pay for better vision.

Check this out:
"For me, iLASIK will pay for itself in seven years by eliminating the ongoing cost of glasses, contact lenses and solutions," said Stefanie Fujinami, who had the iLASIK procedure this year with Los Angeles-based ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Maloney. "The next morning I had 20/20 vision -- I could even read the fine print on the toothpaste!"

Such an amazing job and an inspiration to people like me who was a slave of eyeglasses for years now. If we are on the same boat and want this fantastic procedure check them out. For more information and to calculate your lifetime costs of wearing contacts, visit



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