Sunday, June 7, 2009

Party & shopping day for the family

The family had just attended a birthday party of one of my nieces. It was held at McDonald’s SM Bacoor branch at around 3:30pm. Unfortunately the celebrant got ill before her party. She had measles and she was hospitalized for several days already due to fever. It was sad not having the celebrant around but the party went fun together with our relatives and friends of the celebrant. We had some games and then after that eating time. Yours truly participated in 2 games: Bring Me (see the video) and the group game (sort of Basketball Cups). I both won in the games. Yipee!!! After the tiring games we had our snacks and ended the party well.

The family did not go home immediately. We went in a computer school to buy a new printer to replace our troubled EPSON Stylus C20SX, hehehe. After some canvassing made we decided to buy the CANON Pimax iP1980. Since we had a multi-functional Brother we bought this one for printing purposes only. The printing procedure is very easy and they have great promo on the warranty. It costs Php2,195.00 with inks (black & colored) already. Right after that we went home coz we’re all tired already.

The host told us to get anything that starts with letter “P” (tagalog or English word). As you can see, I almost searched and exposed all the things in my bag to search for the items. Fortunately with the help of my kids, sisters, niece and nephews I got 14 items that starts with letter “P” and I won the game.


beach philippines said...

Its the first birthday party i know without a celebrant,but i bit its one of the longest day for your family.. God Bless.

crissy said...

@ BP:

It's my first time too to attend a kiddie party without the celebrant and I am sad for my niece for that. She's been waiting for her party and the measles ruined her special day :(

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