Monday, December 12, 2011

SC Chief Justice Corona impeached

A total of 188 congressmen signed the impeachment complaint against Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona for betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Constitution. The House secretary-general was ordered by the plenary to endorse the said impeachment complaint to the Senate, where a trial will commence on 2012.

Summary of the impeachment complaint vs CJ Corona
Senate ready to hold trial for Corona
Corona impeach trial to start in 2012: Enrile
More than 150 sign impeachment rap vs Corona
Palace distances self from oust Corona calls
Minority ready to block Corona ouster
Corona impeachment 'mother of all blackmails' - Lagman

Personal view:

SC Chief Justice Corona, the people is not considering your silence as a sign of weakness but I hope you will be able to defend yourself against all the accusations in the impeachment complaint. But does the House of Representatives needs to impeach you? I may not be an expert in law but you can feel the strong resistance of Filipinos against you. You accepted a post included in the so-called “midnight appointments” and by accepting such position you deprived the incoming president duly elected by the people to choose his Chief Justice among the nominees prepared by the Judicial and BarCouncil.
Resigning from your post I think will be the most appropriate and noble act to do amidst these controversies. We all love our country, we all respect our Constitution but the country needs to move on with a Chief Justice clear of any bad accusations, someone who has integrity and full trust and confidence of the Filipino people. The Supreme Court is the highest court of our country and if there are people who need first to respect, value and uphold the importance of the institution that duties lies on the Chief Justice and Associate Justices.


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