Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pres. Aquino vs CJ Corona

The hottest issue in the land now happened during the justice summit held at Manila Hotel where President Noynoy Aquino openly criticized the Supreme Court (SC) and Chief Justice Renato Corona. Others find it rude and disrespectful but it’s the opposite for many. Was this an insult or the president is just trying to send a strong message to members of the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Corona about their performance?

If respect is an issue here then I believed the president did nothing wrong. Why? The former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the Chief Justice Renato Corona never show that to now President Aquino. Days after the 2010 Elections, the former president appointed Corona as the 23rd Chief Justice of the Philippines. Why such an act? Why not give the honor to the incoming president of appointing the Chief Justice with the help of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP)? Respect begets respect.

Of course I wanted the executive and judiciary branches of our country to work harmoniously for the benefit of the country but how will it happen if everything started in bad taste. Can we blame the president for mentioning the midnight appointment during the summit if from the start of his presidency he was deprived of appointing his Chief Justice, a true disrespectful act? Can we blame a president if he blatantly criticized the Supreme Court for questionable decisions or unattended jobs?

The Filipino people are thirsty for righteous leaders, someone who will fight for their rights and keep his promise. Many government agencies are used to wrongdoings and abuse of powers brought about by the former government. I guess that’s the reason why many Filipinos see nothing wrong about the justice summit incident.

If Chief Justice Renato Corona values transparency, justice and respect over the laws of the land then he will resign from his post. He from the very start had the choice of accepting or not the appointment but even if he did there still time to think it over. His resignation will not only give peace between the executive and judiciary branches of the land but an honorable act and a righteous example of a “diplomatic sacrifice” for love of country.

The people’s reaction over this issue must serve as a warning to other members of the Supreme Court. Being members of the highest court in the land, it is your utmost responsibility to interpret the laws in its essence and render decisions righteously and with all integrity apart from affiliations, interest or personal grudge.


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