Sunday, December 25, 2011

Manny Pacquiao's P25M yacht

The P25M Italian-made yacht of Manny Pacquiao, named “Sarangani’s Pride,” is his surprise treat to the family after his victory over Mexican champion Juan Manuel Marquez. It has been considered as the “Ferrari” of yachts with four rooms—two suites and two guest rooms—each with their own bathrooms. It’s also equipped with modern facilities such as a satellite. And to top it all, the yacht includes three jetskis, worth P1 million each. But the said gift created another controversy for Manny showing his extravagance while he could just use the money to help our fellow Filipinos in Mindanao victimized by Sendong.

Personal View: I guess Manny should not have been criticized for wanting a P25M yacht as a gift to his precious family. On his part, he may have been thought about and paid it before the disaster happened. He can afford it while at the same time extended his help to our fellow Filipinos in Mindanao out of his personal money.

What is important is we all try to extend our help to our fellow Filipinos, cash or in kind, the help that really comes from our hearts. Together we can be able to help them start a new life and give hope that they can move on from our support and the government as well.

Let us look forward for the coming 2012 with positive outlook in life, good words and deeds, and work together for our beloved country because the worst is yet to come, as experts said so.


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