Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vertical Blogger: Write & Earn

I just knew recently another site where blogger can monetize their blog thru a dear friend at Shared Review. VERTICAL BLOGGER is another suggestion tool for advertising where bloggers can write articles and post it on their personal blogs. You can be paid thru PAYPAL every first 10 days of the month and there’s no minimum for payments. Check them out now because they are preparing to blast off early February.

Vertical Blogger FAQS


Jill said...

have you tried this?????

thanks for the info!

Crissy said...

@ Jill:

Based from a friend in Shared Reviews it is legitimate. I just joined this month but still awaiting for the blast off.

Mr Brightside said...

I've been a member since late last year, but the only offers I ever get suggest that I write a post about Scotland. Given that my blog is focussed on London, and I don't write about other destinations unless I'm visiting those places (and it would look very strange if I did), its not been any good for me...

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