Monday, January 11, 2010

1-ABAA renewable marriage

I really find it ridiculous especially when people supposedly there to protect and nurture the basic unit of the community will propose something that will tear and break it apart. Do you just want publicity for your group or you are serious about it? Well whatever it is your group is totally damned and sick.

I am a woman too but such proposal is really baseless and inconsiderate. A family comprises of the father, mother and the kids. If you are concern about those annulment cases piling up in the court then you must be more concern of numerous kids that will have broken families.
Isa-Ako Babaeng Astig Aasenso (1-ABAA) members and leaders must be sane enough to stop proposing a renewable marriage because such is a sacred promise and vow with the Lord that no man can break apart.

You give me an idea on how senseless and destructive your proposals might be and thanks to that you will not be in my list for sure.


Jill said...

I totally agree with you!

if it will totally result to gosh I can't imagine it.

Anonymous said...

People can be cruel with words most of the time. I am not saying that i totally agree with the proposition of this partylist group 1-ABAA but then again everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have seen them on tv and heard them from the radio, as i learn about their proposition more i saw valid points which need to be addressed. Reality bites as they say.
Crissy i was just appalled by your use of words..."damned" and "sick"..maybe you meant "dumb" instead...just kidding.
Ofcourse you are entitled to your own opinion and so am i, thus i would just like to say that ignorance is the worst illness of our society next is hypocrisy...look around...not all families have a mother and father together...just some thoughts to ponder on...lastly, let us be reminded that in a democracy there is freedom of thought that is unbreachable...

Crissy said...

@ Anonymous:

First thanks for dropping by! You're right when you said then that everyone is entitled to their opinion and about freedom of thought. But such opinion and freedom of thought comes with responsibility. I believe the issue here is not ignorance and hypocrisy. 1-ABAA being an aspirant to be part of a law making body must see to it that it is indeed for the common good. I do not have to look around because everyday my gate is being knocked with kids begging for food or anything. I do not have to ask if their parents are married or not or the least if they have one. All I know is that their parents are both irresponsible.
I would appreciate it more if they will empower young girls about realities of life, their duties, rights and responsibilities to guide them as they grow up. I disagree with you that ignorance and hypocrisy are the worst illnesses of this society. Being irresponsible and selfish I believed form part of the top list. Do not be appalled by the words “damned” and “sick” because I believed again that such proposal deserves it. And by the way “damned” is perfectly right.
I am a voter, wife and a mother and all I want for this country is a big and fruitful change. I always listen to AM station (rather than FM) and watch news on TV to keep me posted on election-related buzz because I only have one vote and I want to cast it right and wisely.

Crissy said...

@ Jill:

Thanks for dropping by! I can't imagine too what will happen if this will be passed. Just hoping they come out with something more helpful proposals rather than destructive ones in their aid to empower women.

Anonymous said...

Crissy ignorance precedes irresponsibility...when one is not aware of the things "ought-to-be" then he/she becomes irresponsible...selfishness on the otherhand precedes is the key...listen and study before you condemn...condemn only after full scrutiny...the words that spring from our mouths reflect the person we are and the thinking we have...when hurtful words come out of it then insensibility is seen...Let us not be judgmental...a discerning mind is different from a discriminating one...Still, Crissy I respect your stand...God Bless

Crissy said...

@ Anonymous:
Ignorance never precedes irresponsibility. Many people especially law makers are sane and aware of their own rules and responsibilities but they always the one to violate it. They just tend to choose the wrong path, let’s face it. Politicians are not ignorant when it comes to corruption. They know very well that such is illegal and unlawful but many of them are corrupt.
Anonymous, if you indeed respect my stand, if you respect others opinion and value the freedom of democracy in this country then I believed your words show the other way. You have your stand, I have mine. I don’t know your status in life or if you are a 1-ABAA member. All I know is that their proposal is of public concern and on my judgment it will do more harm than good.
You cannot judge a person as a whole basing only on his/her opinion. It takes a lifetime dear to do it.

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