Sunday, December 13, 2009

Will martial law weakens murder case against Ampatuan?

Politicians whether opposition or allies of PGMA contradicted the declaration of martial law. For them, there is no need for such declaration and it will also weaken the murder case versus the Ampatuans. During the different searches made by law enforcers on the different properties of the Ampatuans, they found a big vault similar in a bank but already empty, election materials believed to form part of the 2004 Election fraud and different ammunitions.

The government said that the murder case and the case for rebellion will be trialed separately but others are in doubt of it and find it suspicious. Now that PGMA retracted the declaration what will happen now with the case and the rebellion they are claiming for? The victims of this gruesome massacre are shouting for justice and hopefully nothing will hinder for serving it to them.


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