Saturday, December 19, 2009

Conti's Mango Bravo Cake

Hubby and I are contemplating if we will prepare something for our Noche Buena. We’re just four in the family, us and the 2 kids, and most of the time kids are already asleep by midnight of 24. We just decided to cook spaghetti and chicken sandwich for the 2 of us. For our Media Noche on the 31st I am planning to buy the famous Conti’s Mango Bravo. I got my first taste of it during my Tita’s 70th birthday and I must admit I really love it and my daughter as well.

There are only 4 branches of Conti’s and the one we’re familiar with is the one located in Greenhills. I bought this cake once in an occasion and this is probably the second time. It is definite that will gonna have it on the table on New Year’s Eve but when to buy it is still on hold.

If you are cake lovers and want to try something new aside from Goldilocks and Red Ribbon specials then this cake is highly recommended. A slice of this Conti’s Mango Cake gives you pieces of ripe mango with layers of nuts, chocolate mousse and sans rival pudding. The icing taste just perfect and the mixture of the ingredients really blend on every bite. It costs P850.00 but the size is twice of a regular cake so not that really expensive.

Happy Holidays!!!


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