Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diamond ring from Manny to Jinkee

Everything seems to look at peace now between Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao. During the opening of the couple’s novelty shop in Manila yesterday, December 8, Jinkee is wearing the said piece of “peace offering” from Manny which is a wide diamond-encrusted ring. Jinkee is happy having a Christmas gift from Manny and told press that the issue about Krista Ranillo is over and pointed. They are moving on and keeping the family intact and happy.

Being there for Manny through thick and thin, Jinkee made the right decision of standing by with Manny for the sake of their family. Nobody can tell the real score of the story except them and if we are seeing them now happy let us just wish them continuous happiness.

Manny's peace offering to Jinkee


earthlingorgeous said...

Oh diba bongga! Pero the pain of the betrayal can never be bought kahit na ganyan pa kamahal diba. Haaaay sana magtino si Manny kung di lalabas sya sa boxing na sira ang reputasyon nya.

Crissy said...

@ Earthlingorgeous:

That entails money and success.. Manny is kind of weak but Jinkee is determined to keep the family intact.. :)

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