Saturday, March 14, 2009

My kids' summer classes @ home

Summer is here and students are nearing to end the school year 2008-2009. Some parents are geared toward sending their kids to sports during summer like swimming, dancing, taekwondo and more. I do understand that these lessons help them develop discipline, patience and perseverance. Actually the school of my daughter handed over to them a swimming lesson application for Php2,500.00 for a 2 week session. I talked to hubby about it but we both agreed that it would be beneficial for the kids now that they prioritize mastering their academic lessons.

Let’s face it. In school, sometimes or often than not kids are tend not to master the topics due to different reasons. When they go up for another level and tackle the same topics it seems like it is their first time or only a little stick to their minds. I talked to my daughter and explain to her why she can’t go to swimming lesson for now and instead we will have a summer lesson for her and her brother at home. We will be discussing their previous lessons one at a time daily, do some exercises about it to assess their understanding of the topic discuss for the day. Though there are schools and institutions who handle summer classes and special trainings, we are out of tune for that because that is not included in the budget. LOL. Maybe next year.

For parents out there who have the budget and want to send their kids for summer lesson, Kumon is a great choice. It is a global educational institution that offers Math and English lessons. I heard good things about it from a relative who sent her son in Kumon for 4 years now and she is satisfied with it.

Have a happy and fruitful summer with your kids!!!


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