Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In the news: Nicole & the Subic Rape case

I first heard over the radio about the news while in the kitchen washing the dishes. The Subic rape victim “Nicole” flew to America for good, received P100,000 compensatory damages from Smith’s lawyers and terminating the services of Atty. Evalyn Ursua. Said information was delivered by her mother to Atty. Ursua.

People are now speculating of how this happening may affect the Subic Rape case, if any. The case is a criminal one and it is a case of People of the Philippines against Daniel Smith, according to Atty. Ursua. What will happen in the case is something to look forward too. But right now, Nicole is being subjected to many speculations and judgments of why she did such a thing?

I do believe that Nicole went through in deep hardships when this case is being heard. She cried for justice and she got it. Why did she do it is really a big question? But I guess only Nicole can answer and justify it. Something all of us must take our hands off for now because it’s her life and we need to respect it. The best thing we can do is to pray for her that she finds strength, courage and enlightenment on what is the best thing for her to do in connection with the case.

The case is a criminal case and given that Nicole recanted her previous testimony it will still take a long way to really put a closure on it. Our prayers must not only go for Nicole but also to those handling the case that at the end of it the truth and justice will prevail for Nicole and Daniel.


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