Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fabric & sewing needs' online store

First order ships for $2.95 Coupon Corner
Summer is here and I’m sure most of you already have plans of what to do on this long vacation. Some kids may go on their summer classes while most mommies will take a long rest after a busy and tiring school year like me. Hehehe..

If you are planning to devote your time sewing then check out for some hot items on sale. They offer quality sewing products at the lowest possible price. They also offer free shipping on orders $35 or more.

Aside from culinary, sewing is one thing I want to learn. Although I have this little sewing machine to use on some repairs, I don’t have the basic idea on sewing. I wish I could make some clothes for my kids with a personal touch of mine. Wishful thinking!!! I guess TESDA will help me out with this wish of mine.


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