Monday, November 3, 2008

Willie Revillame home in Corinthian Hills looted

I was in the kitchen when I heard over the radio the news about Willie Revillame’s Corinthian Hills home was looted. If the street crime rate lowered it is because household crime went up. There are many victims across our street of these looters and what is scary is that they bring weapons with them.

Willie got lost of his watches and other jewelries believed to be amounting into millions of pesos but he is right when he said: Those are just material things what matters most is the security of every household. Imagine, Willie is residing in one of the finest subdivision in Quezon City (only rich individuals can afford that million-peso property of the subdivision) and paying monthly dues for the security and yet still such crime happened inside the village. The possibility of an inside job is being considered by Willie because the thief or thieves know where he kept his duplicate keys and that one of his maids who went for a day off is still no where to found.

Be safe everyone especially those who entrust their kids and houses to their maids. Be sure to know well their background and means of locating them.

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