Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama wins 2008 US Presidential Election

And the winner is… Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama!!! As part of my daily routine, I tuned in to radio for news while doing the chores. Since today is the 2008 Presidential Election day in America, I expect nothing but updates on the ongoing election as other people around the world do so. And yes, Americans have spoken and cast their votes and Barack Obama got the most number of electoral votes.

There are many things I am proud of towards Americans. Their election process is very peaceful in general and that the results are really fast. When someone is proclaimed, no one raise a voice and said he or she is being cheated. I admired so much the action of presidential candidate John McCain when he conceded, a true gentleman and politician. Some brought about the issues of racism, wars, etc. during the campaign period but I believed that Americans are smart and matured enough to pick the most righteous candidates for them to lead and rule their country.

The Philippines will have its presidential election on 2010. I hope and pray that Filipino people will be careful in choosing their leaders. Let us not involve ourselves in vote buying and other forms of cheating because in our votes rest the fate and future of our country.


clem - unique business opportunity said...

With no regard to who each individual's vote was cast, it is a historic and monumental day in American history that makes my proud to call myself a patriot!

Crissy said...

@ clem:
Indeed a notable one for the Americans. Change starts within ourselves.

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