Friday, November 7, 2008

Judy Ann Santos still a certified Kapamilya

On Thursday, Judy Ann Santos signed for another two-year contract until 2011 with ABS-CBN Management despite controversies on her moving to a rival network. After a slight grudge with ABS-CBN during the promotion and showing of her movie “Ploning” (as its producer too) I guess everything is patched up and back to normal again between her and her mother studio.

She was very proud with the content of the contract and even said that she is at liberty to decide on what programs she wants to do. On the other side, Judy Ann cannot deny the contributions of ABS CBN on her successful career. More...


Posh Post Reviews said...

hehe yeah. i wonder what made her decide to stay. they must have made her a really good offer. :-D

Marriage Markers said...

hello crissy! had ultrasound today. but gender was still hazy. well at least we know that the baby is healthy. good day!

Flowersbythewayside said...

hi! stopping by. have a happy weekend!

Crissy said...

@ posh post:
the best offer she could get after their grudge in ploning, hehehe...

@ marriage markers:
congrats sis! every baby is a blessing. take care always!

thanks for hopping and happy weekend din :)

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