Tuesday, January 15, 2008

100 things to do with kids...

Bonding plays an important role in the family. Parents no matter how busy working in the office or even in the household stuff must give ample time to their kids. Being a housewife for almost 7 years now, I admit that there where times that I forgot to spend time with my kids. I have no helper at home so I do practically all the household things: laundry, ironing, cooking, marketing, cleaning and bits and pieces of chores. There comes a time that my 7-year old daughter came to me and asked me why I kept myself busy with so many things. She told me to relax but what came into my mind was that maybe what she was trying to say was take a break and let’s have time for each other. She spent most of the time playing with her cousins and I thought that’s pretty okay with her, but I guess not. Quality time is still what kids longing for on us as parents and it don’t have to be a big deal. I mean there are many little things that we can do with them, doing things together and having fun together, I guess thats what matters to them.

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