Friday, December 7, 2012

Typhoon Pablo aftermath worsen due to illegal mining @ logging

I heard about it over Failon Ngayon program in DZMM and I totally agree with what Mr. Ted Failon commented on this issue.

According to Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, tragedy always seems to happen whenever the controversial Reproductive Health bill is being discussed in Congress.

I just hope and pray that our bishops will realize the importance of this bill in controlling the population of our country, that the executive and legislative branches of the land were tasked to offer options to the Filipino people notwithstanding their religion. Connecting what recently happened after typhoon Pablo stroke the country and talks on RH Bill are two separate issues. I am a Catholic ever since but I can say that it is the duty of the government to enact laws they think will help solve the problem, and in this specific issues to educate, give options and aid those parents on how they can raise their families the more appropriate means.

Typhoon is a natural occurrence and sometimes the effect is truly unimaginable. But seeing those footages in the news, which is truly heartbreaking, the effects can be blamed to those selfish people (businessmen and politicians) who continuously performed illegal mining and logging.

As a Catholic, I strongly believed that it’s not God intention to hurt his beloved humans just to make us realize something but instances like this are eye-opener to those rude people who are heartless and continuously taken for granted the welfare of their fellow humans.

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