Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lucky signs in the Year of the Water Snake

Want to know if you are lucky or not so lucky in the Year of the Water Snake?

The Year of the Water Snake will begin on February 10, 2013 on the Chinese Calendar and some Filipinos are already eyeing their lucky items to buy. According to Feng Shui practitioner Dr. Anthony Fugoso, he believes that major advances in science and technology can be expected in the Year of the Water Snake and that IT-related businesses will flourish such as mobile phone companies. He added that media, travel and the arts particularly dance are among the other lucky industries.

The luckiest among the Chinese animal signs in the Year of the Water Snake are the RAT and DOG, while TIGER, OX and HORSE will be more fortunate in terms of wealth. The DRAGON will be lucky in terms of romance and education and the not so lucky animal signs include RABBIT, ROOSTER, SHEEP, MONKEY, PIG and SNAKE. Fugoso said that Feng Shui is only one-third of a person’s luck, which include “heaven luck” or “God-given luck” and “human luck.”

Well I guess whether you are in the lucky side or on the not so lucky side, what is still important is that we live each day in what is good and righteous, giving our best in everything we do and leaving everything to God to do the rest.



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