Sunday, September 23, 2012

Los Baños Laguna: Bañamos Festival

BAÑAMOS FESTIVAL is an annual commemoration of a colorful history and culture of Los Baños, Laguna. It is being held every September 17-23. Bañamos is Spanish for 'we bathe'. The word appropriately traces the founding of the town during the Spanish period. The Franciscan Friars who were captivated by the abundance of hot springs and steam vents in the small settlement of Mainit set up public bathing places with spring water believed to be holy and have curative effects.

Los Baños, bounded by two natural geologic wonders: Mount Makiling and Laguna de Bay, enables landforms to be fertile soil, with clean air and potable water that influence and sustain the livelihood and lifestyle of residents. These gave rise to popular indigenous products – buko pie, ornamental plants, souvenir items and various homemade foodstuffs. Bañamos is a recognition of immense scientific talents.

This Science and Nature City hosts educational and research institutions that offer opportunities for study visits or science appreciation and discovery tours to visitors. Bañamos is a festivity of community spirit and pride of place.


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