Friday, September 21, 2012

Burdang Lumban Festival

Celebration of BURDANG LUMBAN FESTIVAL was adapted because of the continuing success of its embroidery industry. The town of Lumban is considered as the Embroidery Capital of the Philippines. The exquisite designs are embroidered on authentic Filipino formal wears, barong Tagalog and saya. Embroiderers use piña and jusi cloth in coming up with their finished products which are later sold locally and internationally.

The festival begins with a Thanksgiving Mass at San Sebastian Parish Church, followed by Trade Fair and Exhibit. In here, local producers displayed a collection of intricately embroidered and hand-painted items like Barong Tagalog, Baro't Saya, tableclothes, handkerchiefs, bridal accessories and more. It is being held during the third week of September.

It is during this week-long festivity that the people of Lumban proudly showcase the finest in embroidered products and cultural presentations. There are also street dancing with colorful and extravagant costumes, fashon show, competitions, talent shows and other fun-filled activities.


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