Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bohol's Sandugo Festival

The SANDUGO FESTIVAL is also known as the Blood Compact Commemoration and is often tagged as the mother of all festivals. It is a month long celebration every July in the city of Bohol, to commemorate the Sandugo or the signing of a treaty of friendship between Datu Si Katuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

The festival used to be held in March until it was changed to July a few years ago to coincide with the annual Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan, a gathering of Boholanos from all around the world. Boholanos who have migrated to different parts of the world usually come home at this time of the year to take part in this festivity. A province known for its rich culture and tradition, Bohol takes Sandugo Festival seriously. The church has a major participation with its services and solemn ceremonies and fireworks that add up to heighten the entertainment. The streets are filled with colorful parades. Locals and tourists alike may enjoy themselves with different sporting events like basketball competitions as well as cockfighting tournaments. Boholanos boast of the beauty of its people through exciting beauty pageants which showcases not only the most beautiful but also the brightest of Boholanas. At present, the highlight of the Sandugo Festival is a street dancing competition held in Tagbilaran City. Each local high school develops its own dance choreography with special costumes. During the festival itself, these groups of dancers are each followed by a small marching band to provide music.

Another awaited part of the whole festival is the reenactment of the blood compact, which features actors, singers and dancers. This is done to make people recall the origin of the cause of the celebration.


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