Thursday, July 12, 2012

Badian's Banig Festival

In Cebu, the Badian town celebrates BANIG FESTIVAL every 3rd of July. This festival is intended to celebrate the industry of Banig in the municipality.

Banig are hand-woven mats that are native in the Philippines. They are usually made from buri, anahaw, or pandan leaves. These mats are used in sleeping, especially in provinces. Each mat is meticulously woven from strips of leaves. The banig industry is another significant part of the culture that shows how creative Filipinos are. Art is evidently displayed by the colourful designs and patterns of the mats that make them ideal for modern use. The same industry gives life to Badian. As a major agricultural site, many families earn living from farming. Most of the women on the other hand depend on weaving mats. It is never an easy process because it involves different stages. In Badian, pandan leaves are used to produce mats. They are gathered and cleaned to remove thorns, dyed and then dried. The weaving process also requires craftsmanship in order to produce pleasing designs.

Due to famous and colourful banigs, the Badian province is always proud of their products. The Banig Festival shows the importance of the weaving industry in the town and in the province of Cebu as well. It also features local cuisines, delicacies and native products the Badianos are proud of. But the highlight of the event is the colourful parade of banig and its different uses. Dancers parade all over the town, wearing colourful costumes made from the authentic product. Some also portray the pandan plant as well. The parade also features floats that are prepared by different barangays. Of course, there a whole lot more of activities for everyone to enjoy like sports fest and beauty pageant. Throughout the day, all the visitors and locals enjoy the pride of the town and art of thanksgiving.


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