Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tacurong's Talakudong Festival

TALAKUDONG FESTIVAL is a cultural display shown in exhilarating street dancing and field demonstrations using exotically decorated talakudong. As a cultural demonstrations, it was first seen in the streets in 1976, when then Tacurong municipality observed its 25th founding year. It is celebrated every September 18 of the year and symbolizes the heritage of the City of Tacurong. The Festival consist of several performers such as a organizations and most commonly the different schools who joined in this competition. The competition was divided in 2, first: The Street Dancing Competition and Second: The Field Demonstration.

Talakudong is a head-covering festival that lends itself to the history of the place. It is a Maguindanaoan word used to refer to something that covers the head against the sun and rain. From Talakudong, the name Takurong evolved which the Ilonggos had claimed to be the origin. Takurong is an Ilonggo dialect that means ‘something or anything that covers the head’.

The main props of each performer is a "Salakot" or "Sadok". A head covering of our ancestors wherein Talakudong patronize it. The "Salakot" or "Sadok" would be creative and has a different paints in order it will be attractive in the eyes of critics.


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