Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tangub's Dalit Festival

DALIT FESTIVAL is Tangubanon's simple way of saying “Mabuhay and Welcome to Tangub” as they celebrate the feast of Saint Michael, the Archangel every September. Dalit means “offering,” that shows the extraordinary way of fostering, friendship, unity, and love of all Tangubanons to their visitors. Rituals and dances that portrays the Filipino way of life are some of the various activities and presentations.

The symbolic dalit is realistically felt during the dance festival where the different ethnic dances of the various tribal groups of the country, especially those of the native Subanos, are depicted. The festival is opened with the offering of a live goat, killed by the wildlife hunters after the blessings of the tribal head are made. This is a revival of the old tribal custom of expressing thanks for peace, a bountiful and all the blessings bestowed by God.

The dalit is being modernized by offering also the selected beauties dressed in their ethnic costumes in their ethnic costumes who would reign during the evening festivities.

The dalit during the fourteenth Charter Day Anniversary in 1982 was recorded on videotape by the city administration. Historically, the colored videotape film of the said anniversary serves as a lasting souvenir and is worth showing not only to the resident of Tangub but also to the neighboring towns and provinces and to future generations.


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