Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life & Me

Kind of busy with so many personal things to attend too.. as a daughter, a wife and a mother. Ask for more? No more. I don’t have even an ample time for myself just to finish things I need to get done. I need to assist my widow mother in her business while doing my obligations as a wife and a mom. My 10 year old daughter has many activities this month in her school plus she is reviewing for the second elimination round of MTAP for Rizal. My boy has not much school activity than his sister so thanks God for that.

At times I wanted to take a break, even for a week in a place like a hotel where I will just sleep, eat, relax while watching TV. Wishful thinking! Hoping that wish comes true. But nonetheless, I know and understand how life goes and I just want to accomplish as many as I could and do hope my love ones will understand my shortfalls. Kind of sentimental here.

Hello world! Enjoy the rest of the day and may your week and the coming days to come give you successes, accomplishments and satisfactions to you and to others. God bless!


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