Sunday, October 3, 2010

Toni Gonzaga, KC Concepcion & Mariel Rodriguez controversies

I was able to watch part of “THE BUZZ” today (October 3) and I saw the 4 hosts tackling the issues about Toni Gonzaga, KC Concepcion and Mariel Rodriguez. KC told that there were people telling her about Mariel saying why she was able to have her show “Simply KC.” On the other hand, I think the issue between Toni and Mariel was that the later was accused of saying that Toni copy her hosting style.

KC was puzzled and if I may say that she believed there is truth about the issue because there were different people who told her the same fact. In the case of Toni, what’s happening right now gave her a big lesson to learn. If there might be a confrontation both are afraid if Mariel will be brave enough to tell the truth of her doings.


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