Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cory Aquino's 1st Death Anniversary

It’s been 1 year after our “Mother of Democracy” former President Cory Aquino died. There are several ways where people especially the Aquino Family commemorate her 1st Death Anniversary. I still remember the day when the late president has been transported to her final resting place. The outpouring of love and farewell of so many people, who went out of their homes, patiently waited on the streets just to see her and bid their goodbyes. Many cried as if they lose their own mother. But I guess that’s Tita Cory, a true Filipino and a loving mother to all of us and our country.

P.Noy gets advise on Cory's 1st death anniversary
Nation observes 1st death anniversary of Cory
Cory giant photo mosaic unveiled


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