Sunday, August 1, 2010

PAL pilots exodus

The 13 pilots and the 12 first officers might be facing criminal and administrative charges if they will not comply with the PAL management order to return to work in 7 days. They did not follow the 180-day notice and heavily affecting the scheduled flights. Among the 25 resigned pilots, only 2 have complied with the 5 years of work as required to those who underwent PAL training.

Personally, this happening really affects so much those passengers especially those who needs to attend to important matters and it has a bad impact in the tourism aspect of the country. There’s nothing wrong if we are looking for a better pay but rules are rules and airlines can be considered as a public service. Follow the rules and if there are problems with CBA or any agreement a communication is needed not to drag other people into the problem.

I just hope that the talk between the government, PAL management and employees will turn out good for everybody.

PAL threatens lawsuit vs resigned pilots
Government intervenes in PAL tiff with pilots
PAL cancels 11 flights after pilots' 'indiscriminate' resignations


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