Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tainted C-5 road project

Today, Wednesday, is the Senate’s last day of session before they go on recess to give way for the campaign. Will there be a promulgation pertaining to Committee Report No. 780 which proposes censure of Sen. Manny Villar for failing to declare a conflict of interest in the C-5 road project? Or will it be passed on to the next congress?

Sen. Villar allies are kept on defending him on this C-5 road project issue. I have heard many things about this issue over TV and radio. As a voter and a citizen, I would prefer that Sen. Villar would be brave enough to face the hearing and defend himself for the following notes:

* The Senate, an institution who has a high trust rating from the people, is now in chaos because of this issue. Senators already come to a point of using offensive and unparliamentarily words to each other. How can he withstand that view?

* As a senator running for the highest position of the land, I would love to hear his side right from his mouth and not from his allies’ mouths. Yes 2010 Elections is nearing and such an issue might have a political color. But Senator Villar this is the proper time too to defend your side and have a showdown of evidences with your detractors as you claim. I am very much willing to sit down on TV even a whole day watching you senators battling on this issue so that the people will see the fact or lie over this issue.

* The issue has come a long way here and abroad. Filipino people want to know the truth in a fair and square debate. The people want to know if their money is being used righteously. We are fed up and condemned corruption, if you are not a corrupt leader we want to hear it straight from you in a debate.

As a voter, the C-5 road project issue is not political to me. It involved millions and billions of pesos and that is not a political thing. The people want to know the necessity for this project. If indeed there is, does the spending conform in Philippine Laws in every aspect? As a senator, you owe us the truth on this issue. I assumed that with clear conscience you will face the Senate and say your piece to give closure to this very and prolonged controversial project.


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