Monday, February 1, 2010

Kinsella & Utah Haiti Relief & Rescue Team

180 orphans and more than 200 injured people in Haiti earthquake were rescued and saved by UTAH HAITI RELIEF & RESCUE TEAM. This team is a group of businessmen living in the Philippines. They immediately went to the affected areas in Haiti after knowing the tragedy where they saved 180 orphans and directly brought them in the US Embassy at Sto. Domingo, Dominican Republic. These orphans will be taken to America and look for their new parents. They were able to help more than 200 injured people and the group even bought 3 helicopters to use in their rescue and relief operation in Haiti.

According to Natahn Kinsella, Chairman of PNI-KMPG (a call center company located in Manila), the group is composed of businessmen in Utah, USA and partners in business he established in the Philippines. Kinsella, his family and businessmen friends from the US are living in the Philippines for more than 7 years now. Kinsella said that they were forced to buy the 3 helicopters because they knew that it is the easiest way to transport the victims of the earthquake and in delivering the relief goods in Haiti.

More than 200 tons of relief goods were already been delivered by the group in the different areas in Haiti. Among the 180 orphans, more than 100 of those were given US Visa and the group will look for new parents of these orphans. Currently, the group is planning to buy more than 100 container vans to be given to the victims in Haiti to serve as their temporary homes.

Seeing the catastrophic aftermath of the earthquake by Kinsella and the UTAH RELIEF ORGANIZATION, they knew that whatever they have extended to the victims are not enough that is why they are thinking for a long-term and permanent solution that they can still extend to the victims.

Kinsella went back to the Philippines Monday morning aboard Philippine Airlines Flight PR 103.


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