Thursday, April 23, 2009

YouTube videos: Splash Island Resort's Agos Grandes

This is the second video hubby took last April 4 on our visit to Splash Island Resort. Maybe you are familiar with the wave pool you encounter with other resorts but this one is different as to its surroundings. The wave pool of the resort is called “Agos Grandes.” The machine-generated waves create the big waves as guests immerse themselves and play with the tide. Just in front of the wave pool is a place in the resort where you can find sand similar to Boracay. You can lie down for a nap, play with the sand or have a sort of beach volleyball. Aside from that there are food stalls near the pool to fill your craving stomach. And not only that, every afternoon there are live band performances to complete your visit in the resort. Additional tents are now in place on the vicinity to cater the increasing number of guests who want to watch the bands. You can check their website here for more information.


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