Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home Radio Amazing Race @ Splash Island Resort

Home Radio 97 dot 9 will hold its Big Summer Splash @ Splash Island Resort this coming May 1. It’s a holiday so pack your things on that day and go to Splash Island Resort because there’s a lot of fun store for guests. They will hold their very own version of “Amazing Race” and I’m sure that’s really amazing to look forward too. There will be Paintball and the Human Bubble walk on top of the water plus other exciting activities on this fun-filled day @ Splash Island Resort. I am kind of excited and I can’t wait for that day. Below are pictures of Human Bubble for you to have a glimpse of it. See you on May 1!!!


Empty Streets said...

Hi Crissy,

Hope your week has been fab. Been recovering a lot for the past couple of days since that incident last saturday. Thank you so much for your support it really meant a lot for me.

On the lighter side am glad that you are having a fabulous summer vacation :) Splash Island is definitely looking great :)

Crissy said...

Sorry to hear that my friend.. What is more important is that your safe.. I know its hard to lose something of importance to you but you are such a hard working man and time come you'll have another buddy by your side..

Jeckster 14 said...

hi Crissy,

Just wanna know if your OFW promo (50% Discount on fee's) is valid until when? because this coming 3week of MAY i'am planning to bring my family and friends in Splash Island, but if the Promo is until this Month Only i prefer to bring them in a Overnyt stay in a Beach Insted... thank you!

Crissy said...

@jeckster: you can check out Splash Island Facebook Fan Page for a more accurate answer to your concern,

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