Saturday, April 19, 2008

Enrollment Options

On Monday I will be busy enrolling my 2 kids. My girl is an incoming Grade 2 student @ St. Matthew College while my boy is a first-timer student (Nursery) @ Virgen del Pilar School. I’m sure parents like me are already preparing for the expenses that entail our kids’ education – tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, uniforms, books, materials, bags and school shoes. This is the 5th time for me to handle this occurrence so let me give you some options to consider in outsourcing funds for your kids’ enrollment:

  • This option can be handled by those who are religious in budgeting and saving. Set aside every month from the family's income 1/12 of your kids’ education cost.
  • Avail of your kids’ school payment options based on your budget. Usually schools offer various terms to parents on tuition and miscellaneous fees. It comes on annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly basis.
  • If you are a credit card holder and you have a Special Installment Plan (SIP) limit you can apply for a certain promo like this.
  • Last option I had in mind is to avail of a personal or cash loan from your credit card providers against your regular credit limit. Usually bank loan offers now ranges from 1%-1.5% and payable within 6, 12, 18 up to 24 months.

** There are other borrowings around but not commendable due to high interest rates and short payment terms.

John Dewey: Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.


The_Sphinx's World said...

yes, i'm sure moms now are trying to make both ends meet regarding school expenses. my youngest is going to college now and she has taken a scholarship test but the result will come out end of this month yet. college tuition is higher but the school requirements are lesser though. my boys are working and will also be enrolling. at least, it would mean lesser expenses on my part, Thank God!

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