Friday, April 25, 2008

BFP and the firemen

Two days ago I heard over the news in my husband’s radio station DWIZ that the fireman who got electrocuted while battling the blaze on Ever Gotesco Mall in Caloocan City needs P2 million for his medical procedures. He needs to undergo 20 major operations to recover. Details..

The broadcaster interviewed one of the officers from Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) regarding the information but other details have been discussed and I really can’t help but pity the life of these brave and courageous firemen.

  • Meralco and BFP are pin-pointing hands why the power supply was not cut or turned-off during that time that caused the electrocution.
  • Our firemen have no insurance and the only way to have one is to apply for it under a salary deduction scheme.
  • Insufficient protective gears and gadgets. The gloves which might protect them from this kind of incident were already old and rotten and the BFP only has 10% of these gloves among the many firemen.
  • The BSP fire trucks are old and some government officials are planning to buy BUT preferred second hand trucks.
  • Low income.
The dilemma of our firemen inside BSP is really grave. I hope that the government will find means to resolve their situation for better service and protection.


The_Sphinx's World said...

Where does all our taxes go? People in service whose lives are at risk, like our firemen, police officers, and military men, should be given more salary and complete insurance benefits. With their meager income, they should not shoulder injuries incurred while on duty. I hope our public officials wake up.

crissy said...

you said so sphinx.. our lawmakers must see to it that these public servants are well taken care of as to salary and benefits..
about taxes.. well i guess it goes to the hands of few fortunate ones.. grrrrr..

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