Sunday, August 18, 2013

Right Click Now: Assisted Living Software

Technology is being constantly developed and enhanced to be of help to humanity, to meet its needs from basic to complex ones. Whether it is for personal, community, institution, business and even governmental use, technology plays an indispensable role in the system not only to satisfy needs but to make it easier and save money. That is why there are many technological approaches readily available in the market that can best satisfy a person or group’s needs.

Have you heard of Right Click Now? Their mission is to provide integrated Assisted Living software that is easy to use and affordable to the user. They want their clientele’s administrative and information system be simply done so that they can focus on more important things like giving quality services to their employees and customers while saving time and money. Right Click Software saves time, easy to use, increase revenue, manages expenses, great value and secure. By giving their software S.A.F.E. features will enable smooth and simplifies business operation:

Sharing of Information – immediate availability and security of all information for its users
Accountability – measures the performance, goals against actual results
Flexibility – can be designed to adapt to its customer’s business
Efficiency – guaranteed efficiency with minimum effort

One complex job in every business is the accounting aspect of it. Many transactions mean many recordings, analysis, reports, etc. I know by heart because I am an Accountant who worked for almost 7 years in a radio broadcast company. Dealing with the day to day recordings of the network from small to big expenses and transactions from the head office down to its subsidiaries really exhausted me for years. But it is where assisted living software comes to rescue the tiring daily life of accountants.

At, will give you an overview of what these assisted living software can do to your life, community and the business you may in right now. Give them a quick visit and be amazed how technology can easy your life and live a quality one.


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