Friday, July 5, 2013

Math Topic: Integers

My Grade 7 daughter Ysabel who is currently studying in Marikina Science High School have her Math assignment checked by me. Integers??? Well kind of easy coz it's still in my memory and I hope my memory serves me well.

For me, this is one easy topic among the others :) There is zero then comes the positive and negative integers as shown in the above image. Just like whole numbers, integers have their own operations and properties. You can check out this link,, for information and online tutorial.

You just need to focus on the operation sign and the value of the number whether it is a positive or a negative in performing a certain given problem. In order to determine the final value of a number before solving the problem you just need to remember this: addition sign multiply by positive integer and minus sign multiply by negative integer the final value of the number will be POSITIVE, addition sign multiply by a negative integer and minus sign multiply by a positive integer the final value of the number will be NEGATIVE. After knowing all the values of your numbers in the problem you can proceed now in solving it. The value of your final answer will depend which one, positive or negative numbers, has the higher numerical value among the given.

Good luck!


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