Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vote for Jessica Sanchez on AI11

Very far from the recent news in the Impeachment Court that Chief Justice Corona will now be presented as defense team last witness on Tuesday, Filipinos and Mexicans around the world are so happy for Jessica Sanchez for making it on American Idol Top 3 finalists.

If we could only vote from here (Philippines), you’re a sure winner already Jessica. But despite of that we whole heartedly believed that many people in America saw how amazing your voice was. I will remember the songs “I Will Always Love You,” “You are so Beautiful” and the one you sang while sitting in the piano. You are really phenomenal. I really felt those songs and made me love more your singing prowess as I watched the replay. AI judges made the right thing on saving you.

For me, it’s between Jessica and Joshua on the Top 2 but of course with Jessica as the American Idol for Season 11.

Pictures of Jessica Sanchez Hero's Welcome



cool mint said...

american idol is a popularity contest so the more the votes the BETTER chance that jessica would win so...go out there and VOTE!

Cisco said...

Jessica is the best for me..

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