Monday, March 26, 2012

ZIFT @ Santa Monica Fertility

There are men and women, couple or individual, around the world seeking treatment for infertility and fertility treatment. It is impeccable that this treatment must be taken care of by group of specialized and licensed people to help you achieve your dream with utmost guidance and care.

Santa Monica Fertility (SMF) is a fertility treatment center in Southern California. They are serving clients from Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. SMF is being headed by a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist with over twenty years of academic and clinical experience Dr. John Jain. He completed his medical training on the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southern California for he stayed nearly a decade. He left his position to pursue his own vision of patient care with a goal of improving the likelihood of pregnancy and the birth of healthy babies. His center provides the most advanced reproductive medicine and fertility services available. The center has full spectrum of treatments and fertility-related surgeries includes IVF, artificial insemination, tubal embryo transfer, egg freezing, and a range of other innovative procedures at the forefront of fertility research.

The pregnancy after 40 is sometimes a problem to some women. At SMF, they have this Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer or ZIFT to answer for this. The embryos are placed directly into the fallopian tube in this procedure. This will allow embryos to develop in their most natural environment, as opposed and different to the artificial environment of the IVF laboratory. ZIFT procedure gives pregnancy rates over 40%.

For SMF information and medical services, visit their website or center at 2825 Santa Monica Boulevard,
Suite 100 Santa Monica, CA 90404. You may call the following numbers: (310) 566-1470 or toll-free (866) 991-1990 (U.S. and Canada), fax (310) 566-1485.


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