Thursday, October 27, 2011

Corporate Uniforms & Safetyware @ Total Image Group

Have you ever glance on a person because of the corporate uniform he or she is wearing? During those times where I used to work in Makati, I did that many times. Aside from the high-rise building and great landscapes in the city, corporate uniform is one of the things that always catch my attention. Why not especially if you don’t pretty like the one you are wearing. Since Makati is filled with many corporations, I get to see plenty of it and must admit appreciate the couture of some corporate uniforms like bank employees and hotel staff to name some.

Corporations who invest in fashionable and professional corporate uniforms of their employees are on the right track. They just not make their employees happy, presentable and comfortable but also serve as roving advertisement also for the company. If you see this person wearing this one, you know he or she works for this company. People tend to know in return the company and that’s a big help in creating awareness for such company among the thousand ones.

But aside from corporate uniforms, one noticeable uniform among the people we get to bump in the busy streets are those in the healthcare industry. Nowadays you get to see big changes the way hospitals dress their staff, from an ordinary white uniform to a pleasing sky blue ones and more shades. Aside from the color, the tailoring from top to bottom describes comfort and functionality. Not to mention the durability and the quality of fabric used that will surely inspire hospital staff to perform their daily job. Durable, comfortable and functional health care uniforms help a lot for hospital staff to carry out their day to day activities with ease, comfort and pride.

Around the world, there are businesses dedicated in providing uniforms for different industries like Total Image Group who specializes uniforms australia and surely understand the importance of such for both the employees and the company as well.


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