Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gold IRA & gold 401k accounts plus free Gold Guide

I am just wondering that if despite the global economic crisis that happened several years ago and still raging, given the situation in Libya, continuous increase in petroleum products, problems in sustaining a business and low bank interest rate, is there any alternative and good investment for those who still have money and want to place it in something profitable given the scenarios, short term or long term?

I encountered this website of and I got interested reading facts about it. At first I thought it is a site for collectors but as I spent time reading the page, it sounds more of a real and good investment. I saw a table for gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) that with investment of $25,000 in year 2000, the value of such in 2009 became $103,457. I wonder how such IRA gold can make that much despite so many crises that had happened. The answer according to the website: Gold IRA accounts benefits from negative economic, political, environmental, or monetary conditions contribute to a rising gold price.

There’s another investment called gold 401k. Both IRA and 401k gold are individual account so investors can customize their deposits, withdrawals and payment of taxes on distributions. They can even plan ahead on what to happen on their gold IRA or 401k gold rollover after their deaths. Likewise, gold IRA transfer is also possible such as you can transfer it to a loved one.

I am still continue my reading because this kind of “crisis commodity” as they said is really indeed sounds a good investment to me, considering the table I saw from the top. From those interested, they offer free gold guide for you reference.


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