Monday, November 1, 2010

Undas 2010 @ North Cemetery

♥This year’s Undas comes with a heavy heart especially to those like me who just recently lost a love one. My beloved father+ died last June 10, 2010. I can’t explain how I feel and I can’t withstand looking at my father’s headstone, it’s so excruciating.

The family went at North Cemetery on October 31 but cleaning and repainting were done on the 29th. We just both additional 3 arrangements of flowers and stayed till past 6pm. Going to my father’s resting place is one way to cope up with the pain and slowly accepting his absence. It is still hard because I am his only daughter who lived far from him after my marriage but I am the one he spent his last days laughing, planning and seriously talking.

I miss you so much Tatay! One of the simple, loving, responsible and fun-loving people I have known in my life. Wherever you are I want you to know that I am happy that God gave you as my father and still wanting you to be my father no matter how many lives God will give me.♥


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