Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Placer in Declamation Contest

My son Justin had a program at school today. Interested students can wear a costume from fairy tale characters, superheroes, etc. Also, there will be talent search for singing, dancing and declamation contest. Aside from the costume, Justin was one of the contestants in the declamation contest. His teacher picked him and gave “The Choo-Choo Train” as their declamation piece.

It’s gonna be his first time to join such a contest and I am not really so sure if he will do it on stage. Anyway I taught him the piece and the actions. After all the hard work it paid off when he won the 1st Place for the Declamation Contest.

Next time, it will be a bit easier for me to train him because he had experience already and the award gave him inspiration and boost his morale to do more.


Peg said...

Good Job!

Your son is adorable and hopefully the next time will be much easier.

Like you said, these kind of things help build his morale and builds self esteem.

Crissy said...

@ Peg:

Thank you so much! I've really wanted to help my kids to bring out the best in them and conquer many things in life.

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